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my digital art is not so good it more ok ish.
criticize is welcome and wanted feel free to do so.
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To youtube or not to youtube? that is the question

Posted by Initrompt - August 4th, 2020

I am thinking on Letting my  youtube channel die in this point youtube is well hard bet that is not the Problem

The Problem is with youtube on how they will Screwed the poeple over for nothing some time and it happened more often to the content creators on the hate of some one who have more subscribers and the begging for people to like and to subscribe for there channel and i know this to be true fore i have see it with my own two eyes and heard it.

Feel free to comments on anything you want and what you think is wrong or right and feel free to ask me any question.

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Youtube does not have an exclusive to your videos so look for other places to put them. Looks like you already got metacafe, is there partner program any better?

I'm sorry i don't know about there partner program but what i do know is this about metacafe when anyone upload a video it go through a video process system to see is anyone video is under violation of any kind so far that happens to me once on there it like a slap on the risk for a violation it not bad system and anyone a mark a video 18+ for Violence & Adult content before a video go to the public.

I took my videos off there a long time ago, they treat the users like trash, they keep on making new paid services, the algorithm in the search only links you to popular channels, you've got to have no opinion about anything or you'll get demonetized, and they rat you out to COPPA instead of taking the fall for themselves.

You Tube is simply the worst, I have a feeling they are going to piss off a lot of artists and then they'll all come to Newgrounds like so many other sites lately.

It a good thing i Seeing the future of YouTube and leave the site and go to Metacafe is so far it been good to me.